Fall Into Comfort and Style with Joy

The month of September is here. September is a big month for us as it houses our third born’s birthday, my birthday, and also our wedding anniversary so it is packed with excitement and events for us. Right around the time when late August rolls through, and the kids head back into school, I immediately start thinking of Autumn. By the time September comes around I immediately think warmth, cozy feels, football, and all the Fall festivities. Fall season is also a time we prep for what I like to call ‘inside season.’ It’s a time to transition our homes in prep for the cooling temps, to add warmth, comfort, and coziness. Whether you host and entertain during football season, Halloween, or the Thanksgiving holiday, or you love the solitude of watching the leaves transition into the various colors of autumn, this season is all about falling into comfort and style while prepping our homes for the upcoming cold months. Let’s explore more.

Colors: Traditional vs unique colors

Burgundy, brown, gold, and olive are just some of the traditional colors we think of when we think of Autumn. If these traditional colors are just not your vibe, consider exploring and pairing different color combinations such as teal, copper, pink, and dare I say it, black. Pink and the Jarrahdale blue pumpkins are some of the newer hybrid breeds that you may see at your local stores. They are highly sought after not just because of their beautiful aesthetic appeal that would make any front porch gorgeous, but also because of their delicious flesh for recipes. There are plenty of faux pumpkin options available as well which will make picking a color scheme to decorate around quite simple. I’m particularly drawn to the black faux pumpkins as this options gives a unique moody fall vibe that oozes all the cozy feels. One of the best parts of the season is curating a look that is tailored to your personal design style. Explore what that may be for you, decide on a color palette, and have fun with it!

Textures, Scents, and Patterns:

Throw pillows, throw blankets, and beautiful florals are just a few of the ways to add warmth and comfort into your home. Mixing and matching textures and patterns adds dimension and emphasis together. Sherpa pillows and chunky knit blankets are a great way to add both texture and cozy feels. Light those fall-scented candles, or create a delicious potpourri stove-top boil with simmering spices to fill your home with a warm and inviting aroma. The cooling Autumn weather is also a perfect time to try a new recipe. Perhaps it’s that apple-spiced crumble cake, or a warm, lentil stew to be enjoyed around a backyard firepit. Whatever you preference is, the changing season brings a whole lot of opportunity to get creative, and to prepare our homes for the dropping temps.

Incorporating Halloween into Fall Decor:

A question that comes up frequently is how to incorporate the ghoulishly dark Halloween decor with the warm, soft undertones of fall. Well there is no straightforward answer to this question and it really depends on the vibe you are trying to create. In my house, my 3 young kids absolutely love Halloween and all the freakishly cute Halloween tid-bits that are plenty in stores. I incorporate these items along with my fall decor in a variety of subtle ways. A black bourbon pumpkin candle added to our console table. Sticky cut out bats added to our gallery wall to give the illusion of flying bats. Some stores also carry crow cut outs which are perfect for the front door or fireplace mantel. Light up ceramic ghosts, cats, or bats are cute Halloween decor pieces that will make beautiful additions to any small space. You may also consider adding tall black witch hats to a fall table scape. Finally, skeletons of all sizes and colors are available in most of the home decor store for all your spooky decor ideas. The giant skeletons are becoming even more popular for those front yard Halloween displays. I personally have our 4-foot skeleton join in on all of our Halloween/Fall shenanigans around the house which the kids just love. Let your inner kid come out this season and have fun with all the spooky goodness that’s out there!

I hope this article inspires you to get creative and try something new with the upcoming Fall Season. Get cozy and fall into your own comfort and style this season.

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